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Tax seminars made easy!

Why are tax seminars so effective at developing client relationships and building your tax practice? Because they provide opportunities to demonstrate your expertise, talk face-to-face with participants and start conversations that can lead to engagements. But creating a brand-enhancing seminar presentation can be a time-consuming chore - unless you get our time-saving Tax Planning Seminar PowerPoint® presentation, complete with speaker notes. You’ll find it an easy way to give customized, highly professional and business-building tax seminars.


Want more A&A business?

Put our Accounting & Audit Monthly newsletter to work for your firm. This content marketing program, available in email and content-only formats, enables you to keep clients and prospects informed about recent and emerging developments in legislation, regulations, standards and guidance related to financial reporting, auditing and governance for both public and private companies. By positioning you as a thought leader on these subjects, this newsletter will enhance brand awareness and encourage contact for more information or assistance.


Online or print? Online AND print!

What kind of client tax guide should you buy — print, online or email? If you want to maximize reach, impact and cost-effectiveness, the answer is: All of the above, because each medium has unique strengths. Online, especially with our automatically updated WebTaxGuide, is an easy and cost-effective way to add a tax guide to your website. To increase the number of people who see WebTaxGuide, push it out with our email Flex-E-TaxGuide. And to have a format you can mail or present to clients and prospects, our print tax guide is the way to go.


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