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Get the “Wow!” online tax guide

Want to wow clients and other visitors to your website — and generate interest in your tax services? Post our online 2014-2015 Tax Planning Guide. This cost-effective content marketing tool features a brand-ready front page with hot-topic links, helpful charts and case studies, quick navigation to common tax questions, and a contact button on every page. And it’s automatically updated when tax law changes affect it, too! Position your firm as a thought leader and the place to go for tax services with this high-impact online tax guide.


Great social media posts weekly!

Our Tax Bites for Social Media solution gives you an easy way to share new tax-related information weekly via social media, as well as your website. These professionally written posts cover various aspects of tax law, tax planning and other tax subjects. Regularly sharing this information will help build online visibility, position your firm as a thought leader and increase interest in your tax services. If you don’t yet do social media marketing, this will help you get started. And if you do, it will give you a great new post every week.


Too busy to create a seminar?

Our time-saving Tax Planning Seminar makes it easy to give engaging and informative presentations on ways to minimize federal income tax liability. This seminar, complete with speaker notes, features professionally developed slides you can personalize with your logo and edit as you like. The presentation is based on our 2014-2015 Tax Planning Guide, which makes an excellent seminar handout. So don’t let a lack of time keep you from giving tax seminars — and starting conversations that can lead to profitable engagements.


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