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Make the ACA work for you

Significant tax-related provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are going into effect, and employers want to know how to plan for and comply with them. Firms that tell them will be seen as thought leaders and have an edge on those that don’t. Our Affordable Care Act Tax Overview, available in electronic and print formats with separate versions for large and small employers, makes it easy for you to tell clients and prospects about the large-employer play-or-pay provision or small-employer tax credit, as well as other important ACA provisions affecting employers of all sizes.


Do you have an online tax guide?

You should, so that clients and other taxpayers will come to your website instead of a competitor’s for tax planning information. And it should be one like our WebTaxGuide, which features a brand-ready front page with hot-topic links, helpful charts and case studies, quick navigation to common tax questions, a contact button on every page — and is automatically updated when tax law changes affect it, too! Plus, it covers tax planning topics of interest to a broad range of taxpayers. Position your firm as the place to go for tax services with this high-impact online tax guide.


Be a leader on international taxes

Looking for a way to position your firm as a thought leader in international tax planning and compliance? Our International Tax Monthly newsletter, available in email and content-only formats, gives you an easy, cost-effective way to regularly share information about international tax issues and developments important to American expatriates and to companies based in the United States that do business abroad. Topics include transfer pricing, FATCA compliance, IC-DISC structure, expatriate returns, and tax-related OECD developments.


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