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Online or print? Online AND print!

What kind of client tax guide should you buy — print, online or email? If you want to maximize reach, impact and cost-effectiveness, the answer is: All of the above, because each medium has unique strengths. Online, especially with our automatically updated WebTaxGuide, is an easy and cost-effective way to add a tax guide to your website. To increase the number of people who see WebTaxGuide, push it out with our email Flex-E-TaxGuide. And to have a format you can mail or present to clients and prospects, our print tax guide is the way to go.


Offer international tax services?

Our International Tax Monthly newsletter, in email and content-only formats, gives you an easy, cost-effective way to regularly share information about international tax issues and developments important to American expatriates and to U.S. companies that do business abroad. Use it to increase awareness of your capabilities, position your firm as an expert on international tax issues, and encourage contact for assistance. Topics include transfer pricing, FATCA compliance, IC-DISC structure, expatriate returns, and tax-related OECD developments.


HCR is here — get yours now!

Our new Health Care Reform Monthly newsletter, available in HTML or content-only formats, enables you to regularly provide employers with want-to-know information about the ACA and related regulations — and position your firm as a go-to source of assistance with health care reform compliance matters. You’ll like the cost-effectiveness of this content marketing tool, and business owners and managers will appreciate hearing about tax efficient ways to meet ACA requirements while controlling costs and achieving their business goals.


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