Affordable Care Act Tax Overview: Tax impacts, reporting requirements and tax planning strategies for employers

Significant tax-related provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) go into effect in 2014 and 2015. Employers are eager for information about how those provisions will affect them and how to plan for the changes. Firms that provide this information will be seen as thought leaders and have an edge over those that don’t.

To make it easy for you to inform clients, prospects and professional contacts about these important provisions and related tax planning strategies, we’ve created the PDI Global Affordable Care Act Tax Overview. This professionally written content marketing tool – designed to encourage contact with you for more information or assistance – is available in a choice of print and electronic formats, with separate versions small and large employers.

Need-to-know information for employers

The main focus of the large-employer version is the shared responsibility (“play or pay”) provision that will impose penalties on some large employers that provide no or inadequate health care coverage, including topics such as determining large employer status, assessing minimum essential coverage, affordability and minimum value, and calculating penalties. It also covers how play-or-pay affects HSA and HRA contributions.

The small-employer version focuses on the Health Care Marketplace and changes to tax credits available to eligible small employers. It also covers why small employers need to keep an eye on their workforce in case any changes occur that could cause them to become a large employer for ACA purposes.

In addition, both versions discuss increased Medicare tax withholding, compliance with the new FSA contribution limit, “exchange” notices to employees, changes to the waiting period for coverage, and new incentives for employee wellness programs. To view a PDF of contents, click on the images below for each version.

Versatile content marketing and thought leadership tool

The Affordable Care Act Tax Overview comes in a choice of the following print and electronic formats. Order them all to maximize reach, impact and cost-effectiveness:

PDF and print format. Each four-page version (approximately 2,800 words) of the Affordable Care Act Tax Overview highlights key tax-related provisions of the ACA and explains their impact on employers of a certain size, as well as how to plan for them.

  • Both formats can be branded in color with your logo and contact information.
  • The PDF can be posted on your website, and you can email a link to it or share a link to it through social media.
  • The print version can be mailed to clients, prospects, referral sources and the media or used as handouts at seminars, conferences and client meetings.

Email format. This version of the Affordable Care Act Tax Overview features a customizable HTML template you can email to clients and other taxpayers to tell them about important tax-related provisions of the health care act. The email template describes what the overview covers and links to the full overview.

The template is designed for use with our Flex-E-mail distribution, list management and tracking system, which comes with our Flex-E-letter, Flex-E-TaxGuide, and Flex-E-EstateGuide products. But it can also be purchased separately and used with other email systems. When purchased without the Flex-E-mail system, the template is delivered as HTML code that will create a template with the same look in another email system.

PowerPoint® seminar presentation. These professionally developed PowerPoint slides on the key tax-related provisions of the Affordable Care Act include speaker notes and provide areas to brand with you logo and include your firm’s contact information.

  • You can edit the slides and speaker notes as you like.
  • You can use this presentation by itself or incorporate the slides into another presentation.

Very cost-effective

The Affordable Care Act Tax Overview is available for less than it would take to develop an overview of comparable quality in-house. Plus, you get the flexibility to choose the combination of versions and formats that best meet your needs, so you can maximize reach, impact and cost-effectiveness. And when you buy both versions, you save even more!

Order now!

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